A Holiday for Humanity!
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Rabbi Chaim Goldberg
Rabbi Chaim Goldberg Coordinator of Noahide Contacts Brit Olam – the Noahide World Center www.bnoah.org

Free Will & “Grains of rice”

Young handsome caucasian man feeling free spreading arms outdoor in the city sunset - freedom, free, serene concept

Yes, we’re all familiar with the movie, Mulan. It starts with the Mongolian Huns Who invaded the kingdom of the Chinese emperor. The soldiers immediately run to tell the emperor about the invasion And want to protect the emperor’s palace. Here, the emperor displays his greatness. First, the emperor seeks to protect the whole kingdom And not just his own ... Read More »

“Humanity Day” – special lesson

Hello and greetings To you and your family From the Land of Israel. First, let me we wish all members in the United States As they celebrate happily and peacefully with their families. Especially on this year, that we also celebrate the “Humanity Day” on this weekend And this is a great opportunity to invite you to a Special lesson ... Read More »

British turbulence

What I’ve learned from the British decision: On Friday, Great Britain decided to leave the European Union. What a crisis! I am reminded of the words of our sages: "When Israel is redeemed, all the nations will enter together, intermingled" (to ask for a reward for the kind way they treated the Children of Israel during the exile…). This was ... Read More »

In preparation for Shavuot

This week we will celebrate the giving of the Torah, here are  two key insights: When a person is drowning in a swamp, he can’t get himself out by tugging at his own head. He needs external assistance to get out of the mud. We understand our world through our senses. The brain perceives our senses (hearing, sight, touch…) and processes ... Read More »

He has Faith in You!!


Greetings from the Land of Israel. When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we recite is the “Modeh Ani” prayer: “I give thanks to You, everlasting King, who has compassionately restored my soul within me; great is Your faith.” Just look at the amazing and surprising end of this sentence: “Great is Your faith.” What does the ... Read More »

Science & Religion

New information which has arrived from a sophisticated telescope in Antarctica confirms the Big Bang Theory which occurred 14 billion years ago. What?! The world was not created by the Creator of the Universe?? Several hundred years ago, when Copernicus came up with the theory that the earth is not the center of the universe, it was the Christian Church ... Read More »

Are we dreaming???

Replies to Some Comments about our Basic Video Shalom to all, Now that for the past few years we have been presenting to our readers the basic principles of the Noahide covenant between humanity and the Creator of the World, we would like to respond to several important comments that you have sent us. (1) Some people have complained about ... Read More »